The American Lithotripsy Society

The American Lithotripsy Society (ALS) is a voluntary membership organization dedicated to addressing all issues regarding the management and treatment of stone disease including aspects of lithotripsy as a treatment modality for urinary stone disease. Originally organized in January, 1987, the ALS is a multispecialty society including physicians and allied health professionals affiliated with major lithotripsy sites throughout the United States.

The Society is active in certifying training centers, conducting quality reviews of lithotripsy sites, sponsoring research projects, developing a consistent, uniform data base of lithotripsy and stone management treatment experience, and working with third party carriers and governmental agencies in regard to lithotripsy.

ALS is the ONLY organization dealing exclusively with the issues of renal lithotripsy and stone disease.

Founding Objectives

  • To establish and maintain guidelines for quality improvement
  • To develop a mechanism for validating and credentialing lithotripsy sites for training
  • To establish training criteria
  • To monitor and report on legislative and governmental regulatory agency activity affecting lithotripsy
  • To provide support through statistical data and experience for third party reimbursers
  • To review lithotripsy technologies and serve as an information source regarding those technologies
  • To organize the presentation of lithotripsy experience and data in appropriate educational forums
  • To establish representation for liaison with the American Urological Association, the American College of Surgeons and other organizations
  • To establish a forum for exchanging views regarding clinical lithotripsy and other stone treatment modalities

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