Membership Benefits

As a member of the American Lithotripsy Society, you will benefit in a variety of ways:

· Annual Symposium - Each year, the ALS conducts a three-day Annual Symposium featuring presentations on emerging technology, clinical applications, legislation, regulation and management issues, including quality improvement accreditation, and reimbursement.

· Annual Trade Show/Exhibit - The Society conducts an extensive trade show held in conjunction with the Annual Symposium with displays and representation by the leading manufacturers, service providers and medical suppliers for users of lithotripsy equipment.

· Renal Lithotripsy Specialist Certification Exam - The Certified Lithotripsy Specialist designation is a voluntary certification program which was established in 1990 to provide allied health professionals with the opportunity to become certified in renal lithotripsy within the context of a universally-determined set of experiential criteria.

The certification examination is designed to demonstrate the candidate's knowledge and understanding of:

a) The structure and function of the renal system

b) The etiology of renal stone disease

c) Alternative treatment modalities of urinary stone disease

d) Types of lithotripsy

e) Basic knowledge of extracorporeal lithotripsy

f) Patient application of extracorporeal lithotripsy

· Specially-priced Registration Fees for all ALS Events - Each member of the Society receives registration fees significantly below non-member fees.

· Quality Improvement Program - ALS provides a comprehensive Quality Improvement Accreditation Program for member sites to insure the most professional and effective operation possible for lithotripsy centers.

· Training Site Certification Program - ALS maintains a program for training site certification of every lithotripsy site member.

· ALS Quarterly News - The newsletter, published four times a year, is an informative publication furnishing information on technological developments, treatment alternatives, ALS Board of Directors and Committee activity, Allied Section activity, upcoming events and more.

· Liaison with Legislative Bodies and Governmental Agencies and Other Lithotripsy Related Organizations.

· Bulletins on Important Events - ALS members are kept abreast of significant events that affect lithotripsy through bulletins.

· Interaction with Fellow Practitioners - ALS provides an essential forum for contact and networking with other professionals who are involved in lithotripsy and stone disease.

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