November 13, 2003 2004 Physician Fee Schedule & 2004 Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System
August 15, 2003 Electronic Medicare Claims
January 20, 2003 Federal Government Withdraws Appeal of Court Ruling: ALS Victory in Stark II Case is Final!
January 2, 2003 Reimbursement Rates for Specified Urological Procedures reduced by 7% from 2002, under the Final Physician Fee Schedule for 2003, effective, March 1, 2003.
January 2, 2003 HHS/CMS Releases Semi-Annual Regulatory Agenda
January 2, 2003 Federal Government appeals decision in ALS victory in Stark II exemption ruling.
August 12, 2002 Update on Hospital Outpatient Prospective and Physician Fee Schedule
July 16, 2002 ALS victorious in legal action against HHS/CMS regarding Stark II regulations!
July 16, 2002 US Federal District Court Memorandum Opinion: American Lithotripsy Society and Urology Society of America v. Tommy G. Thompson, Health and
Human Services
July 12, 2002 Judge Kennedy's Formal Ruling in ALS/USA v. HHS (PDF format)
May 17, 2002 ALS Presents Oral Arguments in Legal Action Against HHS before Judge
Henry Kennedy in Federal District Court
March, 2002 ALS Updates Fraud and Abuse Guidelines for Physician-Owned Lithotripsy Ventures
January 24, 2002 Stark II Physician Ownership Regulations go into effect as briefing resumes in ALS lawsuit against CMS
January 9, 2002 HOPPS Effective Date Delay
May 17, 2002 ALS Presents Oral Arguments In Legal Action Against HHS Before Judge Henry Kennedy In Federal District Court
January 24, 2002 Stark II Physician Ownership Regulations Go Into Effect As Briefing Resumes In ALS Lawsuit Against Cms
January 9, 2002 Hopps Effective Date Delay
December 7, 2001 Judge Denies Request For Injunction: ALS To Continue Legal Action Against CMS
December 7, 2001 Cms Announces Revised HOPPS Rates For 2002
November 29, 2001 Update On ALS Suit Against CMS Regarding Stark II Regulations
November 1, 2001 Physician Fee Schedule Update For 2002 -
September 6, 2001 ALS Files Suit Against HCFA Seeking To Enjoin Enforcement Of The Stark II Reguations
August 20, 2001 Important Update To August 20, 2001 Update (See Following Bullet)
August 20, 2001 New Medicare Reimbursement Issues. (See Update Above)
July 9, 2001 Responding To Requests For Lithotripsy Prices, Costs Or Terms Of Service.
April 17, 2001 ALS Responds To HCFA Stark Regulations! (Webpage)
April 17, 2001 ALS Responds To HCFA Stark Regulations! (PDF File)
January 5, 2001 Stark II And Final Privacy Regulations
January 4, 2001 Stark II Final Regulations
October 10, 2000 Update On Stark II
September 7, 2000 Hospital Outpatient Lithotripsy Rate
August 29, 2000 Inaccurate Rumors Regarding Lithotripsy Under Stark II
August 1, 2000 Hospital Outpatient Rates Effective
August 16, 2000 ALS Responds To HCFA Regarding AUA Comments On Ambulatory Surgical Center Reimbursement Rate For Lithotripsy
August 16, 2000 The ALS' Response to the AUA's Potentially Harmful Letter To HCFA
July 31, 2000 Ambulatory Surgery Center Rate
July 24, 2000 AUA Comments To HCFA Regarding ASC Rate And Stark II
March 24, 2000 ALS Establishes Fraud And Abuse Compliance Guidelines For Physician-Owned Lithotripsy Ventures!

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