The Quality Improvement (QI) Certification Program conducted by the American Lithotripsy Society (ALS)was established in 1988 to insure the highest quality uniform standards and procedures in the provision of lithotripsy services to patients in the United States and Canada.

To qualify for accreditation, your facility must be a site member in good standing of the American Lithotripsy Society. It is anticipated that you will continue to keep your site membership current for the duration of your accreditation.

The QI process involves the following steps:

I. The Accreditation Workbook is completed and submitted with the registration fee to the ALS Headquarters. In completing the Accreditation Workbook, data collection will be required of one hundred (100) cases.

2. A one or two-day site review is scheduled and conducted by a survey team consisting of a physician and an allied health professional selected by the Society.

3. A written report with recommendations is prepared by the survey team and is submitted to the QI Committee Chairman and Allied Chairman for review and subsequent recommendations to the ALS Board of Directors.

4. Accreditation is granted by vote of the Board of Directors of the Society during a regularly scheduled meeting. The Board meets twice a year: March and October.

5. A written summary of the recommendation of the QI Committee Chairman and Allied Chairman and the decision of the ALS Board of Directors will be sent to the site immediately following the Board meeting, at which time action is taken on the request for accreditation. If your site is approved, you will receive written notification and an accreditation certificate.

6. If a site is denied accreditation, it can be re-surveyed within six (6) months for a specific review of the cited deficiencies. This review may be conducted by either a physician or an allied health professional, or both.

The fee for participation in the QI Certification Program is $4,000. Your site cannot be scheduled for review until the workbook and registration are received by the Society. Your facility is also responsible for all related travel expenses of the survey team. All travel expenses will be billed and reimbursed on a dollar-for-dollar basis after the actual visit. Accreditation will not be granted until all travel expense payments have been made to the Society by the site.

Should you have any questions regarding your Accreditation Workbook or the survey process, please contact the American Lithotripsy Society.

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